Love has no rules. Yes, laws have rules, however love isn’t a law. It is not a reality either. It is a sense that everybody has at least once in some variety of means.

So why cannot women love women? Why cannot men love men? Love is suppose to be the chance for anyone and everyone who wishes to require for some partner. It is a desire to want one thing that cannot be described, however you only can compregend it. Therefore why cannot an equivalent gender fall for another equivalent gender? Why cannot they marry and make it public for the planet to see? This is true because no law says they cannot do so. The law only restricts the age. 


I believe anyone will love anyone they opt, notwithstanding the skin color, the race,  the hair colour, the sexual organs, the emotions, or age. I think anyone will love anyone they opt for. You would like to like a woman, go ahead you would like to like a person, go ahead! It’s okay. You are not alone. 

I believe therein love has no gender and anyone will marry whomever they opt for.


All folks have the right to create their own decisions for whom they love, right? Wrong! There square measures laws prohibiting them,telling them that they’ll marry the person they love because of their sexual orientation. They’ll be along, but they cannot build it officially due to laws. That would be like telling heterosexuals that those whom they’ll marry, the reasons to live them will only be few. It is a violation of constitutions. The constitutions state that folks have the liberty of to choose, however, even today not all gay coupels cannot build the selection to marry who they want to marry.